Friday, June 22, 2007

Oxford local Computer room update

Work is progressing on the new local room, which is just as well as there are delays on the Begbroke room, which will not be ready till late summer/early autumn.
The floor has been sealed with Vinyl.

Electrical switching has been connected up.

And the false floor is being installed.

Southgrid Update

Plans under way to make use of the new HPC cluster. Meetings started to work out a strategy and solve technical problems.

DPM upgrade was a nightmare, with help from Grieg and Yves, Santanu has now got the se up upgraded to DPM 1.6.4

Problems publishing APEL data are under investigation

Support for enabled, tests by Steven Young, from NGS at Oxford are starting. Pete attended the NGS User forum and training event held in the OERC building in Oxford.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rapid progress on Oxford's local computer room

This was the space allocated on level 1 just after the old offices had been cleared out on April 11th.

Since then the walls have been dry lined, the AC units and pipe work are in place.

Heavy electrical work is ongoing and the floor is being prepared.

Also the forth wall has been built.

We are hopeful that the room will be complete by the end of July.
The floor will be sealed this week prior to the false floor being installed. Electrical cabling will then commence.