Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Security Update

Oxford UI updated other nodes proceding.
Bristol, Cambridge and Birmingham have confirmed they too have updated.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oxford updated

Over the weekend I updated the rpms on Oxfords gird nodes. On Monday I re ran yaim to make the changes take effect. Testing was hammpered by the SFT page being very slow and the submission page not working well. On Tuesday I discovered Oxford had been failing the SFT's due to pbs not working properly, because there was no longer a nodes, file. This was traced to a typo in the site-info.def file. yaim was re run on which seemed to cure things.

Yves has had trouble getting >250Mb/s from Birmingham, he thinks this is due to dpm problems rather than raw bandwidth issues as iperf tests give much better results.

We are now testing Oxford instead of Birmingham.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday pm

Bristol - Birmingham tests due to start today.
Winnie had some problems diagnosing the error messages from the transfer tests, Yves thinks the documentation is OK if you are an expert but it could be improved.

Yves has been benchmarking new systems, Intel Woodcrest vs AMD Opteron, Ethernet vs Infiniband, to provide data for Birminghams future escience cluster purchase. Some results will be available later.


Four sites out of 5 are now running glite 3.0.2
Just Oxford to go which is being upgraded today.
rm failures at Oxford were cured by re running yaim on the se's. May be gridftp had gone mad?

EDFA-JET is now fully operational and running SFT's succesfully.

Yves continuing to test DPM-DPM throughput and has been tuning the kernel and tcp ip parameters to optimise performance.

Yves also carried out CASTOR DPM tests last Sunday,