Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ralppd : upgraded to torque 2 and dCache 1.7 .

Lawrie at Birmingham complained about the amount of spam to "lcg" style mailing lists? At least half my spam comes from the following lists:


maybe one or two more. One answer would be to change these mailing list names and then don't advertise them on a web page! Or make them closed lists.

I have created a new page as a header for the shared private technical documents.
See the link at the bottom of

It now includes phone numbers (off the GOCDB) for each site.

Some questions arise,
Should we have a separate security email list for the RAL site security for major problems not just LCG VO type probs?

Should Cambridge have an lcg-security email list that includes the site one. My worry is that LCG security challenges may not be seen by Santanu is he is not directly on the cert@cam list.

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