Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oxford Update

Last week Ewan and I started the DIY move to Begbroke. We moved 40 1 u servers over two mornings. One of the (now empty) Dell racks was moved on Wednesday afternoon.
The worker nodes were reinstalled in that rack on Thursday, we had one psu failure out of 27 nodes. These nodes will be installed with sl4 shortly.

This week we have emptied one of the Viglen racks and moved the servers yesterday.
We hope to move the rack this afternoon and get the worker nodes back on line asap as we are at half capacity currently.

On Firday 28th March we had one of our new 9TB file servers burn out its backplane. This is very similar to the problems RAL have been seeing. The backplane was swapped out and the server is back on line now.
We are in talks with the supplier.

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