Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SouthGrid update

Yves will be helping Bristol upgrade the se to SL4 on Thursday.
They had problems with transtec raid array, specifically the battery backed up cache. New parts have now arrived.

The MESC cluster at Birmingham is working well now, the four LHC VOs are supported, but it is not full yet. (Both Atlas and LHCb are aware of it)
We may have to advertise it to the VOs.

Yves hopes to be able to start configuring Blue Bear (The new HPC cluster) after the grand opening next week. There will also be an meeting between NGS people and Birmingham to see how they can work better together, probably by NGS enabling Blue Bear.

64 bit tarball was used at Bristol and (32 bit on MESC). Some extra i386 rpms are required.

JET have had problems, failing SAM tests but OK for real jobs. Will reinstall the ce.

Stop Press: Now working since the reinstall.

Oxford have not published accounting since the introduction of two SL4 based ce's. We will be working on fixing this so we have the data for the Quaterly report.

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