Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jobs with analysis role

It started with a ticket from dzero about job failure at creamce at oxford. On investigation it was found that these jobs were coming with /dzero/users/Role=analysis/Capability=NULL and expectantly lcmaps failing with this error "no entry found for /dzero/users/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL ".
But the jobs from the same user were running on lcg-CE so on further investigation it turn out that lcmaps-voms plugins were failing on lcg-CE too but as per lcmaps policy it runs lcmaps-poolacount plugin after voms plugin failure and lcmaps-poolaccount uses individual DN mapping from grid-mapfile. So lcg-CE was mapping correctly to dzero pool account but through wrong procedure.
creamce don't use edg-mkgridmap file for creating grid-mapfile so no individual mapping is defined in grid-mapfile.
Solution was quite easy and we have to just define MAP_WILDCARDS=yes in vo.d/dzero and rerunning yaim created a slightly different grid-mapfile and groupmapfile with wild-cards.

dzero/Role=lcgadmin/Capability=NULL" dzerosgm
"/dzero/Role=lcgadmin" dzerosgm
"/dzero/Role=production/Capability=NULL" dzeroprd
"/dzero/Role=production" dzeroprd
"/dzero/*/Role=*" .dzero
"/dzero/*" .dzero
"/dzero/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL" .dzero
"/dzero" .dzero

So any job coming with different Role would be mapped to normal pool account.
The issue was discussed in this ticket https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/index.php?26990

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