Friday, January 07, 2011

glite-APEL Node

On Thursday 9th December we brought the new glite-APEL box on line.

The VM hosted by t2delltest, had already been installed and Kashif had installed the cert.

We ran apel on all the ce's and t2torque02 and then one last time on t2mon02.

Then reconfigured t2ce02 to point at the new apel box and ran apel on it. We saw new records created on the box. (After sorting some permissions issues, need to rerun yaim with each ce (and t2torque02) set in the site-info.def file. Each run did the magic to allow that node to write to the db. (FQDN's should be used).
We then changed the reference to t2mon02 to t2apel01 in the site-info.def file on pplxconfig and it propagated round the other nodes.
The first run that night failed due to a java out of memory error.
I tweaked the config file /opt/glite/etc/glite-apel-publisher/publisher-config-yaim.xml

from the original 300000

All apel logfiles on all ce's , t2torque02 and t2apel01 now appear to be good.
Cristina can see records appearing at RAL.

The old mysql database from t2mon02 has been backed up in /data/sysadmin (pplxfs2)

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