Friday, April 24, 2015

Simple CVMFS puppet Module

Oxford was one of the first site to test CVMFS and also to use cern CVMFS module. Initially installation of CVMFS was not well documented  so cern cvmfs puppet module was very helpful in installing and configuring cvmfs.
Installation became easy and more clear with the newer version of cvmfs. One of my ops action was to install gridpp multi vo cvmfs repo with cern cvmfs puppet module. We realized that it is easy to write a trimmed down version of cern  cvmfs module rather than use cern cvmfs module directly. The result is cvmfs_simple module which is available on GitHub.

'include cvmfs_simple' will set up LHC repos and gridpp repo

Only mandatory parameter is

cvmfs_simple::config::cvmfs_http_proxy : 'squid-server'

It is also possible to add local cvmfs repository. Extra repos can be configured by passing values from hiera

cvmfs_simple::extra::repo: ['gridpp', 'oxford']

Oxford is using a local cvmfs repo to distribute software for local users. oxford.pp can be used as template for setting new local cvmfs repo.

cvmfs_simple doesn't support all use cases and it expects that everyone is using hiera ;) . Please feel free to change it for your use case. 

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