Monday, February 12, 2007

Cambridge New Systems Arrive

Santanu announced on 19.1.07:

Just to let you know that all the new machines have arrived; just waiting for the rack to be delivered and the Dell engineer (that's actually the part of the contact) to come and switch it on.

When done, it's gonna give LCG/gLite another 128 CPUs and if our experiment with CamGrid and Condor succeeds, it will top up another ~500 CUPs. Now we can mount /experiment-software and LCG middleware area onto any CamGrid machine with any root permissions, WNs outbound connection is also sorted out. Now need to think about the stupid "WN pool account"

Intel call it as "Woodcrest". All the nodes are dual-core dual CPU, so 4 CPUs under the same roof
Dell Model : PE1950
Processor : Xeon 5150Ghz/4MB 1333FSB
Memory : 8*1GB dual rank DIMMs

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