Monday, February 19, 2007

Problems with DNS style VO names

We have now discovered that adding the camont VO is not straight forward due to the new DNS style VO name.
The current yaim cannot handle the long format for VO names. The new yaim 3.1 which is not yet released should help but has not yet been tested.
Yves has had a look at it and it is very different from the current version.
"Hello all,

I got hold of the new version of yaim and there are some non-trivial differences with the production version. I think it would be ill advised to try the new version in production. I think we could enable this new vo style by configuring gip by hand and then perform the correct queue to group mapping for pbs/condor. But instead of all sites doing this (plus potential RB complications?), couldn't we revert to the current vo style (if running jobs is urgent), I do not understand while the new vo style should be implemented on production sites when it is still awaiting certification and has not even been tried on the pre-production service?



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