Monday, September 24, 2007

Oxford's Tier 2 Upgrade is joining the grid.

The 22 new worker nodes are starting to come on line now.
They are running SL4 32bit mode for now. They will provide an additional 431 K Spec Int 2000.

A second ce has been setup to serve the SL4 WN's. We had some trouble with the BDII being on the original ce so have split that function off onto a new node (Well actually a VM ).

The upgrade also includes 4 heads nodes with dual PSUs, and mirrored systems disks, which can be used for service functions or as worker nodes. All the head nodes and disk servers are protected by UPS.

The 11 storage servers (9TB usable each) will be brought on line over the next week.

The two new (Viglen supplied) racks are on the right hand side, with the older Dell kit on the left.

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