Monday, March 31, 2008

Oxford adds another space token

With some advice from Graeme I have added another space token at Oxford
Commands recorded for posterity.

dpm-reservespace --gspace 3T --lifetime Inf --group atlas/Role=production --token_desc ATLASMCDISK
dpns-mkdir /dpm/
dpns-chgrp atlas/Role=production /dpm/
dpns-chmod 775 /dpm/
dpns-setacl -m d:g:atlas/Role=production:7,m:7 /dpm/
dpns-setacl -m g:atlas/Role=production:7,m:7 /dpm/

We started our DIY move today, two trips in the lab van with 8 1U servers each time.
Tomorrow we plan to move more old WN's and then an empty rack later in the week.

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