Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oxford Update

The Original 74 cpu SL3 Dell workernodes have been taken down in preparation for reinstallation as SL4 worker nodes.
We will maintain a separate ce to drive these but intend to separate out the torque server.
The new ce will be an SL4 ce.
The ce and torque server are likely to be virtual machines running under VMware.

The move of the 4 racks up to Begbroke is still uncertain.
We are awaiting quotes from companies to move the equipment for us. The DIY price of just paying for a truck and driver has also been looked into but issues of insurance and warantee's may prevent use of this option.

The steps up to the new computer room have been made smaller to allow installation of a scissor lift, to lift racks to the false floor height. The date for the lift to be installed is still unclear.

The grand opening on the 15th April is all too close.

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