Monday, August 18, 2008

Setting up the Atlas Space Tokens on dCache

Well the request from Atlas to have space tokens set up is quite complicated but here's my first attempt at setting them up for dCache:

The want to have different permissions on different space tokens. I think the only way to do that is to create different LinkGroups to associate with the space tokens. Here is the section from my LinkGroupAuorization.conf file for Atlas now:
LinkGroup atlas-link-group

LinkGroup atlas-group-link-group

LinkGroup atlas-user-link-group

LinkGroup atlas-localgroup-link-group
However it appears a Link can only be associated with one LinkGroup so we also have to create a Link for each of these. Luckily it appears that a PoolGroup can be associated with multiple links so we don't have to split up the Atlas space (phew).

So I created a bunch of Links and LinkGroups in the PoolManager like this:
psu create link atlas-localgroup-link world-net atlas
psu set link atlas-localgroup-link -readpref=20 -writepref=20 -cachepref=20 -p2ppref=-1
psu add link atlas-localgroup-link atlas-pgroup
psu add link atlas-localgroup-link atlas
psu create linkGroup atlas-localgroup-link-group
psu set linkGroup custodialAllowed atlas-localgroup-link-group false
psu set linkGroup replicaAllowed atlas-localgroup-link-group true
psu set linkGroup nearlineAllowed atlas-localgroup-link-group false
psu set linkGroup outputAllowed atlas-localgroup-link-group false
psu set linkGroup onlineAllowed atlas-localgroup-link-group true
psu addto linkGroup atlas-localgroup-link-group atlas-localgroup-link
Obviously repeated for each of the other extra LinkGroups

Then it's just a case of creating the space tokens in the SrmSpaceManager:
reserve -vog=/atlas -vor=NULL -acclat=ONLINE -retpol=REPLICA -desc=ATLASUSERDISK -lg=atlas-user-link-group 2500000000000 "-1"
reserve -vog=/atlas/uk -vor=NULL -acclat=ONLINE -retpol=REPLICA -desc=ATLASLOCALGROUPDISK -lg=atlas-localgroup-link-group 9000000000000 "-1"
reserve -vog=/atlas -vor=production -acclat=ONLINE -retpol=REPLICA -desc=ATLASGROUPDISK -lg=atlas-group-link-group 3000000000000 "-1"
I'm not sure the last one will work as expected I don't know how the -vog=/atlas will map with the multiple VOMS groups in the LinkGroupAuthorization.conf file. But I've no idea how to specify multiple VOMS groups there.

OK, that should get us the Space tokens, but Atlas are also requesting specific permissions on directories and that's completely orthogonal to the space tokens. All I've got to play with there are the normal UNIX users and groups.

So I start off by creating 6 extra groups and amking it the primary group for a single pool account (which is also in the main atlas group) , I also add the atlasprd account to the physics group groups since they want that to have write access to the group areas. Here's the relevant bit from /etc/groups, you can work out the changes to /etc/passwd yourselves.
Now I've got the users and groups set up I can create the directories:
mkdir /pnfs/
chown atlas007:atl-uk /pnfs/
chmod 755 /pnfs/
[root@heplnx204 etc]# ls -l /pnfs/
total 3
drwxrwxr-x 1 atlas005 atl-b 512 Aug 18 13:21 phys-beauty
drwxrwxr-x 1 atlas002 atl-exo 512 Aug 18 13:21 phys-exotics
drwxrwxr-x 1 atlas003 atl-higg 512 Aug 18 13:21 phys-higgs
drwxrwxr-x 1 atlas006 atl-sm 512 Aug 18 13:21 phys-sm
drwxrwxr-x 1 atlas004 atl-susy 512 Aug 18 13:21 phys-susy
But no I have to make sure dCache maps the right voms credentials to the correct account:
First of in /etc/grid-security/storage-authzdb
authorize atlas001 read-write 37101 24259 / / /
authorize atlas002 read-write 37102 24358 / / /
authorize atlas003 read-write 37103 24359 / / /
authorize atlas004 read-write 37104 24360 / / /
authorize atlas005 read-write 37105 24361 / / /
authorize atlas006 read-write 37106 24362 / / /
authorize atlas007 read-write 37107 24365 / / /
authorize atlasprd read-write 51000 24259 / / /
and in /etc/grid-security/grid-vorolemap
# Added role /alice/Role=production
"*" "/alice/Role=production" aliceprd

# Added role /atlas
"*" "/atlas" atlas001
"*" "/atlas/phys-exotics" atlas002
"*" "/atlas/phys-higgs" atlas003
"*" "/atlas/phys-susy" atlas004
"*" "/atlas/phys-beauty" atlas005
"*" "/atlas/phys-sm" atlas006
"*" "/atlas/uk" atlas007

# Added role /atlas/Role=lcgadmin
"*" "/atlas/Role=lcgadmin" atlas001

This has not been fully tested yet, in particular it's not clear the the ATLASGROUPDISK space token will handle the way I expect.

Oh, and doing this has once again made me realise that I don't really understand what Units and Links are and do in dCache, so I'm offering a beer to anyone who can explain this to me.

Update on 28/08/08

It looks like this doesn't work fully, dCache doesn't support secondary groups so the atlasprd user who is in group atlas cannot write to the /pnfs/* areas even though it has secondary group membership of the groups which do have write access. I'm now waiting for feedback from atlas to know how they want the permissions configured in view of this.

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