Friday, March 11, 2011

SAM to MyEGEE to finally MyEGI

I have updated to latest release of wlcg nagios to gridppnagios. It is a major release in the sense that it stopped configuring MyEGEE for portal and replaced it with MyEGI. MyEGEE would be there until I drop the myegee DB from gridppnagios machine but don't trust it anymore. I got two complain about MyEGEE within few hours of updating it so I can say that people are looking at it.
The other main change is that now Nagios Configuration Generator(NCG) is using Aggregated Topology Provider(ATP) instead of SAMDB to configure nagios. ATP is part of the ROC/NGI nagios package which aggregate information from GOCDB, Top BDII and VO feed etc and it is single authoritative information source with topology information. But it is the central ATP( which is being used by all ROC/NGI's for topology configuration for the sake of uniformity and probably reliability . Old SAM infrastructure can now retire in peace.
So MyEGI, It is a kind of all in one (
It has Gridmap, metric status, history and so on. Aesthetically MyEGEE was better but MyEGI has more functionality and if you are still not convince then check the comparison of SAM, MyEGEE and MyEGI here ( ).
MyEGI have very good search options and also has advanced filter so you can optimize your search and add URL to your bookmark for instance status of your site.
I just discovered two bugs and the irritating things is that it is showing advance date on history bar. So if you want to see the status at 11 March, check for 12 March !
A bug has been opened and hopefully it will be fixed soon

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