Friday, July 22, 2011


We have installed emi creamce at Oxford. It was quite straight forward and apparently everything was setup by yaim properly except that emi cream uses normal /etc/, /usr/ directories instead of /opt/glite. It uses just one repository for all packages, no more separate TORQUE_* repositories.
Jobs were running perfectly and all test jobs completed successfully. But it was only getting lhcbpilot jobs and after looking more closely it was the classic "GlueCEStateWaitingJobs: 444444" problem.

Drilling through many layer of wrapper it comes to this issue
/sbin/runuser -s /bin/sh ldap -c "diagnose -g"
ERROR: 'diagnose' failed
ERROR: user 'ldap' is not authorized to execute command 'diagnose'

I think this is the less documented part of emi creamce. In glite, slapd and bdii-update process was run by edguser but with emi it is run by ldap user.
Edited maui.cfg file
ADMIN3 edginfo rgma edguser ldap

It solved the problem as I was using our site wide maui.cfg file instead of default created by yaim. Just a heads-up if you are planning to install emi creamce

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