Thursday, March 08, 2007

CAMONT jobs successfuly running at Oxford

The CAMONT VO has now been working correctly at Oxford since Friday 2nd March.
Karl Harrison of Cambridge has been running jobs from Cambrdige.

In another Cambridge collaboration, LHCB software has been installed on a Windows server 2003 test node at Oxford by Ying Ying Li from Cambridge. They are testing the use of Windows for LHCb analysis code, and having tetsed at Cambridge were looking to prove it could work at other sites. Ideally they would like some more test nodes and 0.5 TB of disk space. This may be harder to find.

Cambridge ran the Atlas DPM ACL fix on Monday 5th when I (PDG) visited Santanu. Now all SouthGrid sites have run the required fix.

I took the opportunity to measure the power consumption of the new Dell 1950's (Intel 5150 cpus). Idle power consumtion is about 200W rising to 285 under load (4 cpu intensive jobs).

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