Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oxford and the ATLAS DPM ACL fix.

I tried to run the ATLAS patch program yesterday to fix the ACL's on the DPM server at Oxford.
This update has be provided as a binary from ATLAS that has to be run as root on the se. This was potentially dangerous and many sites had delayed running this, and objected to the fact that we don't really know what it is doing. Anyway the pragmatic approach seemed to be that most other sites had run it now so I would.
The configuration file has to be edited to match the local sites config.
I perfomed a normal file backup using the HFS software Tivolis Storage Manager.
dsmc incr
Then dumped the mysql data base.
mysqldump --user=root --password=****** --opt --all-databases | gzip -c > mysql-dump-280207.sql.gz
As our main DPM server was currently set readonly (To cope with the DPM bug of not sharing across pools properly) we decided to set it back to read/write for the update.
dpm-modifyfs --server --fs /storage --st 0
Then run the update program (refered to as a script in some docs):
Unfortuneatly I had used the wrong password in the config file so it failed,
this is where a strange feature of the update program was discovered.
After it runs it removes several entries from the config file , the password and the gid entry, so after several attempts the correct config file was used and the update appears to have been successful.
dpns-getacl /dpm/

Shows the acls.
# file: /dpm/
# owner: atlas002
# group: atlas
group::rwx #effective:rwx
group:atlas/Role=production:rwx #effective:rwx

I reset the main DPM server back to read only:
dpm-modifyfs --server --fs /storage --st RDONLY

The process was not simple or clear and I hope not to have to do more for other VO's...

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