Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oxford tries out MonAMI

During the gridpp collaboration meeting I was persuaded to give MonAMI a go.
Installing the rpm from the sourceforge web site was easy enough.
Also see the link from the gridpp wiki http://www.gridpp.ac.uk/wiki/MonAMI

As I already use ganglia the idea was that I'd run some checks on disk space and DPM and send the output to ganglia. The first thing we noticed was that in order for some of the features to work you need to be running at least v3 of ganglia. I was still running v2.5, a quick upgrade of the gmond rpms and a new gmond.conf was required.
You do also require mysql. (For the DPM plugin - more later)

The main configuration file is /etc/monami.conf, but this can read further files in /etc/monami.d, so we set about making a basic file to monitor the root file system.


read = root-fs.blocks.free
write = ganglia


multicast_ip_address =
multicast_port = 8656

more coming soon....